With our corporate office located in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Z N Consultants (ZNC) was proudly established on 31st March 2009. We are now a full-fledged Research-Oriented Boutique HR firm designed to meet the needs of both local and international clients.

We are a strategic management & HR consulting firm that specializes in advising and supporting our clients in their significant transformations and to provide custom-crafted 'one stop' innovative HR solutions.

With our strong research background, we have positioned ourselves as a market leader in delivering a full spectrum of HR solutions on the basis of the right approach that is catered to your particular sector.

Z N Consultants is fully equipped with the capability and expertise to provide advanced strategic management and financial services to clients with separate service divisions.


Syeda Zakeerin Bakht Nasir

Chief Consultant & CEO

Zakeerin is an innovative "change management sponsor” with a comprehensive and strategic understanding of Human Resources Management, business issues and organizational change, HR strategy, tactics, leadership, organization design and process improvement

Syeda Zakeerin Bakht Nasir, a results-focused, passionate and highly accomplished Strategic Management & Human Resources Leader, with over two decades of extensive human resources background including heading up the human resources function in two leading international organizations – American Express Bank Ltd. & Siemens Bangladesh Ltd. She has a track record of success in establishing the best Human Resources practices as a member of top management team of both these organizations.

She graduated in Finance & Banking from Dhaka University and holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the same institution.

Nasir Uddin Ahmed

Strategic Management & Financial Consultant

Nasir Uddin Ahmed, with over two decades of experiences as a Chartered Accountant. He is also a Chartered Secretary.  He has wide-range of knowledge in financial issues in multinationals, the public sector as well as local conglomerates.

His varied experience includes serving 22 years in two multinational companies like British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Limited and Coats Bangladesh Limited. He also worked in Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) and local organizations.

Currently, he sits on the board of a few publicly traded companies as an Independent Director.


Farzana Imam

Associate Consultant

Rayhana Sultana

Associate Consultant

Please call for details

+88 01847-239044

Please call for details

+88 01817-045535


We always think out of the box and as a matter of our principle we don’t prefer to use our client's name to get the business; rather we want our client to ‘SPEAK’ for us. We believe that if we can serve our client well, they will work as our Word of Mouth referrals.
ZNC delivers innovation and transformational Strategic Human Resources Solutions to all sectors. ZNC hopes that you will be included in its list of satisfied clients that also develop a long lasting working relationship together.

  • Multinational Companies
  • Financial Institutions - Banks
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • Power & Energy Companies
  • International NGOs
  • Garments & other Manufacturing Companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Communication Sector
  • Foreign Consulates
  • Large Conglomerates
  • Other Corporate Bodies

As a matter of principle, we don’t use our client's name to get the business

We mentioned earlier that as a matter of principle, we don’t use our client's name to get the business rather we want our client to ‘SPEAK’ for us. We believe that if we can serve our client well, they will work as our Word of Mouth referrals.

  • I very much appreciate the time you took to understand my current situation at work as well as to provide me career counseling.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about HR knowledge and to meet you in person.
  • I must say I felt very privileged after being met with you and appreciate your luminous personality. Pray for your successful long life with good health. 
  • Thank you for the reality check at your office the other day. Helped me get things to perspective. Will come to visit you soon.

Z N Consultants wants to act as a One Stop Service Center to provide the vast range of support services and functions. We have strategic alliance with:

  • Panel of Corporate Lawyers
  • Chartered Accountancy Firms
  • Income Tax Practitioners
  • Securities Market Intermediaries
  • Software & Hardware Specialists
  • And other Sector Specialists
  • Subject Matter Experts

Our strategic partners are also as passionate as us about our quality of service, our turnaround times and our ability to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Boutique means a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.

Small or boutique firms offer a unique set of opportunities and benefits compared to larger consulting firms.

The word "Boutique" typically refers to a small office or business, one such firm might consist of only a single adviser, and another might have 200 or more consultants working for it. Unlike major consulting firms, however, even the larger boutique firms are very specialized rather than offering general consulting services.

Successful boutiques deliver a small number of Very-High-Quality services. (Even large consultancies cannot deliver every possible service.)

We deliver full spectrum of HR solutions to our local and international clients of all sectors by doing extensive research.

Key features of Boutique Firm

  • Informal culture

You can expect a more informal "start-up" culture within a boutique. Organizational hierarchies and barriers are fluid and relaxed. This environment of openness and collaboration makes many boutique firms pleasant places to work.

  • Exposure to high-level consultants

Even the youngest consultants will get the chance to work closely with and learn from the "big guns" in the firm.

  • "Real" front-line consulting

Unlike bigger firms that put young hires on an analyst track and slowly work them into client-facing work, a boutique firm is more likely to quickly integrate its associates into client-facing activities (interviewing clients, participating in planning meetings, presenting findings, leading meetings, etc.). Simple staffing constraints mean that everyone wears many hats and helps out with client engagements. Young consultants will balance "back room" research and deliverable production with gigs on client work teams.

  • Learning opportunities

Most boutiques do not have the time or resources to spoon feed their young consultants along in a training program. New consultants learn immensely from getting thrown into challenging situations. For a critical deliverable responsibility and pressure are constant companions while making a presentation or preparing a report. For mature consultants who are able to learn very quickly, this arrangement is ideal.

  • Lack of formal training

Formal training at boutique firms is virtually non-existent. MBA tuition support programs are also rare. Consultants learn and develop on the job with the support of peers and mentors. Much of the "academic" learning is self-initiated and self-directed. This can be irritating to someone looking for structured, subsidized learning opportunities.

  • "Who did you work for? Never heard of 'em."

A surprising downside to working for a boutique is that, regardless of how outstanding your experience is, it may not help your resume. Many recruiters care only for "big five" or "top-tier" consulting experience. This practice may be short-sighted, but former boutique employees may have their resumes devalued for lack of a "brand name" consulting employer

  • Spartan office facilities and rare support staff

Most boutique firms must carefully control their overhead, so much of the infrastructure one would find at larger firms is not present. Consultants do not have executive assistants. There is no dedicated research staff to dig up data. There may not be a company intranet or an it staff to maintain it. In fact, many boutiques do not even keep office space for their consultants. The bottom line is that consultants at boutique firms do not work in opulent spaces. They make their copies, arrange their travel, and handle the other administrative chores that pop up.

  • Word of caution - don’t accept that offer just yet

There is plenty of information available about large consulting firms. Unfortunately, there is virtually no public information available on most boutique firms. Because of this, it is very important to aggressively research the company before signing on. Check out the firm's web site. Speak to employees within the firm. Look for favorable coverage in the press. Finally, make sure that all of your questions are answered before you accept an offer.

Because of the particular nature of small consulting firms, the following questions are especially important to answer if you are considering a boutique job:

  • What is the culture like at this firm?
  • How financially stable is the company?
  • Does this firm have a steady stream of client accounts?
  • Has this company delivered good results for their previous clients?
  • What types of clients does this firm serve?
  • Is there a career path to follow?
  • The path forward​

You have carefully weighed the ups and downs of working for a boutique. You have done your research and asked all of the right questions. Whether you choose a big firm or a boutique, you have made an informed decision about which road to travel by. That should make all the difference for your career.


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Please note that any email correspondence to contact the firm is informational only. You will not be considered a client of the firm until we have agreed to act for you by our usual policies for accepting clients. The content of this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as HR advice.